As a teacher, your students come first and your mission on a daily basis is to engage them, keep their interest and promote participation (even from the shy students) with the ultimate goal of their comprehension and retention of the material being taught.


Wouldn’t you like to track the student's progress with meaningful, immediate feedback, to know which students understand the material and which ones need more help, to know which elements of a lesson are understood and which require re-teaching?


To not only identify your struggling students but to also challenge your advanced students so they do not become bored, and ultimately, to know that your class is ready to take the test.


What can assist you in accomplishing these goals? The Beyond Question student response system puts the future of education in your hands today. A teaching aid that is extremely user friendly, supports new and existing content, provides “child tested,” durable classroom remotes, automatically grades tests and produces reports to save time and enhance the teaching process.


As education technology advances, so will our products. The Beyond Question system is the most cost-effective student response system available today.


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